Online porn video teen ShareHer husband Mark Kelly accompanied Giffords on stage where he talked about the importance of the election on June 12.This is about more than the next election. This is about closure he said according to .Election Giffordss husband Mark Kelly told the crowd in Tuscon Arizona that the race was about closureKelly went on to say that Barber was the person she knew could represent this district as well as she could.Giffords appeared in good health and spirits during the Get Out the Vote rally.She wore a brace on her right arm as the right side of her body was damaged due to her injuries.She also walked with a limp and wore glasses.Brief At the event Giffords seemed very happy and did not speak much except to say thank you to the crowdGiffords had slightly longer hair than she has had in previous appearances and it was colored blonde.She wore a green blazer over a black shirt and blue jeans.Giffords now lives in Texas where she receives treatment for her ongoing health battle.She was shot in January 2011 during a congressional event with her constituents.Six people were killed at the Tuscon supermarket where Jared Lee Loughner

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Diora Baird naked ShareThe suspect was known to police he said admitting that he has made death threats on previous occasions though he would not say against whom. The suspect is not speaking to police he said. He also would not confirm that Mrs Giffords was the first person shot but said that he did believe she was the target. Unbearable A woman covers her mouth in horror as another victim is evacuated from the Safeway shootingIncredibly this afternoon the doctor operating on Mrs Giffords said she had survived the surgery and that he was very optimistic for her recovery.Shes in critical condition Dr Peter Rhee said. The neurosurgeons have finished operating on her and I can tell you that in the current time period I am very optimistic about recovery ... she was following commands.There were early reports that Mrs Giffords an Arizona Demo

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